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Monitoring: Setting The Stage


Planning Assessment Moves (1:16)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: What does assessment planning currently look like in your practice?
  • While viewing: Do you see evidence of ‘triangulation of assessment’ in this teacher’s assessment planning? Why is this important?
  • After viewing: What are some other ways that teachers can plan to gather real-time information about their students understanding of mathematical concepts in the classroom and adjust instruction accordingly?


Assessment for Learning in Action (5:26)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: When you think of “assessment-capable” learners, what comes to mind? What are ways teachers craft opportunities to gather evidence of learning? Why is this important?
  • While viewing: What do you notice about the teacher moves used to gather evidence of learning? How are prompts and questions used to facilitate understanding of student learning?
  • After viewing: What are some next steps you and your school community might take with respect to building on or enhancing current assessment practices? What further learning do you need?