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Monitoring: Be Present To The Learning


Questioning and Monitoring (1:00)

Facilitative Prompts

  • While viewing the video, consider how the ideas shared might further inform or influence practice and impact student learning.
  • What further questions do you have?
  • What additional information, resources and supports are needed?
  • What are some specific next steps that can be taken based on what has been learned from this video?


Monitoring Without Leading (3:24)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: What strategies come to mind when you think about effective questioning or prompting within learning opportunities? What would an educator be thinking about, doing, or facilitating with students?
  • While viewing the video, what are are you noticing? What are some key messages that emerge for you? What resonates or challenges your thinking?
  • After viewing: What key ideas regarding questioning emerged for you? What further learning might you and your school community engage in regarding use of effective questioning strategies and prompts for learning?


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