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Anticipate Learning


Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching with Dr Deborah Loewenberg Ball (6:14)

  • Prior to viewing: Reflect on the relationship between a high level of skill in mathematics and a high level of skill in teaching mathematics.
  • After viewing: Do you find Deborah’s comments about teacher math content knowledge encouraging? If so, how and why?


Do the Math to Understand the Math: The Ribbon Problem (4:06)

  • Prior to viewing: Why might it be a good idea for teachers to first try the math problems themselves? What insights do you think could be gained from this process?
  • While viewing: What is the added value in asking students to use rods and other visualization tools?
  • After viewing: What is the relationship between visualizing the spatial relationships between numbers and students having a strong number sense?


Success Criteria and Learning Goals in Math Learning (2:00)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: What come to mind when you think about how success criteria and learning goals impact learning? What would an educator be thinking about, doing, modelling and observing with students throughout the learning process?
  • While viewing: What resonates for you? What challenges your thinking?
  • After viewing: What key ideas emerged for you? How might the ideas shared further inform or influence practice and impact student learning in your classroom or across your school community? What further questions do you have? What additional information, resources and supports are needed? What are some specific next steps that can be taken based on what has been learned from this video?