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The Interconnectedness of Math Facts


Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Fluency- We Need Both (3:33)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: Have you experienced a tension between conceptual understanding and procedural understanding in your classroom or school? Do you feel there is a conflict between the two?
  • After viewing: Does Cathy Fosnot’s notion of the relationship between conceptual understanding and procedural understanding resonate with you and your own practice? How could this be helpful in helping others, such as parents, understand how both elements are needed?


Building Math Strategies – Alex Lawson (4:46)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: What comes to mind when you think about students successfully working with numbers? What knowledge and skills are important in the development of numeracy and concepts of number?
  • While viewing the video, what key ideas are emerging for you? What resonates, connects with your understanding, or challenges your thinking?
  • After viewing: How might the ideas shared further inform or influence practice and impact student learning. What further questions do you have? What additional information, resources and supports are needed? What are some specific next steps that can be taken based on what has been learned from this video?


Math Content Knowledge for Teaching (3:24)