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Models That Support Developing Mental Math Skills


Introducing Models (9:12)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: When you consider effective use of models in learning and teaching, what are some key ideas that come to mind? What are the ways you engage with learners who might be struggling with a concept?
  • While viewing the video: What ideas are emerging for you? What questions do you have?
  • After viewing: How might these ideas influence or impact your teaching? What questions do you still have? What are some resources that could further support this knowledge?


The Power of the Number Line (7:31)

Facilitative Prompts

  • Prior to viewing: What comes to mind when you think about how a specific task impacts learning? What would an educator be thinking about, doing, modelling and observing with students throughout the learning process?
  • While viewing the video: What do you notice the teacher doing? What are the students doing? How does the instruction promote these behaviours or support understanding?
  • After viewing: What key ideas emerged for you? What further learning might you and your school community engage in regarding strategies or processes that deepen understanding of number?