Emerging Themes – Professional Learning

What was said?

Schools and DSBs described specific focuses for professional learning to support identified student learning needs and corresponding educator learning goals.

For schools, a key area of professional learning has been the establishment of a student continuum of mathematical development for instruction and assessment.

At a system level, DSBs provide a network for professional learning, such as professional learning communities, involving central board staff and consultants, external subject experts, and the ministry to support the implementation of school-based numeracy goals.

However, a key challenge for professional learning in 2017-18 has been the difficulty of building consistency within schools and across districts, alongside a shortage of supply coverage.

This suggests that new approaches to professional learning should be explored to help embed consistent learning opportunities for all educators, across all schools.

Addressing the Challenges:

Ministry resources to support school and system leaders with providing professional learning opportunities for all educators:


Findings from the Field: 2017-18 PRISA Final Report on Mathematics