Emerging Themes – Monitoring Learning

What was said?

All schools referenced the use of achievement data to determine student learning need.

Schools have described the cyclical use of school-, DSB- and externally-developed diagnostic tools, in addition to monitoring using other assessment data throughout the school year.

DSBs report using checkpoint data, EQAO results and administrator walk-throughs to observe student learning and inform DSB and school improvement planning.

However, one key challenge is that it was less clear how data feeds into developing priorities and plans for teaching and learning.

This suggests that schools could benefit from practical guidance on how to best maximize their use of data and activity monitoring to identify priorities and strategies to support learning.

Addressing the Challenges:

Ministry resources to guide educators on the use of data and activity monitoring:

Ministry resources on using data to monitor and inform teaching and learning:


Findings from the Field: 2017-18 PRISA Final Report on Mathematics