‘Math at Home’ Promotion Materials

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Suggested wording for social media posts, letters home, website blogs, etc.

Math at Home.

Parents can make an incredible difference in their child’s math learning by engaging in mathematics activities at home. Ontario’s Ministry of Education has released a new resource to help!

Visit http://ontario.ca/mathathome to find carefully selected resources that focus on the fundamentals of math. Although many of these resources can be used by children alone, all are designed for parents and children to enjoy mathematics together throughout the year.


Suggested tweets for District School Boards to use with their own Twitter accounts

Do you want to know more about your child’s math learning? Check out ‘Math At Home’ this summer. http://ontario.ca/mathathome

Keep math fresh in your child’s mind throughout the summer with games and activities matched to important fundamentals of mathematics for Grades 1-8. http://ontario.ca/mathathome

Math is everywhere – even at home! Check out this list of resources from the Ministry of Education so your child can keep learning math at home. http://ontario.ca/mathathome

Support your child with consolidating important fundamentals of math this summer by visiting http://ontario.ca/mathathome. It’s filled with engaging activities and games for students entering Grades 1-8.

Making sure that students have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of math is one of the best ways to prepare them for success, now and in the future. Support your child this summer by accessing the Ministry of Education’s “Math at Home” site. http://ontario.ca/mathathome

Looking for ways to help your child build their knowledge and confidence in math this summer? Explore Ontario Ministry of Education’s “Math at Home” site for engaging activities and games. http://ontario.ca/mathathome

Math is everywhere! Help your children make connections between what they are learning in school and everyday experiences at home and in the community by accessing http://ontario.ca/mathathome

Inspire a love of learning, and a better understanding of math this summer by visiting http://ontario.ca/mathathome with your child!

Ensure your child enjoys summer vacation while keeping up with their math learning with the Ministry of Education’s new resource http://ontario.ca/mathathome


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