Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math

A strong understanding of math fundamentals is one of the best ways to prepare students for success, now and in the future. As learners progress through elementary school, they will develop their ability to think mathematically, learn about different concepts and relationships, and apply their knowledge. Ontario’s focus on the fundamentals of math will help Ontario students achieve higher math results and will better position them for success in daily living and the jobs of tomorrow. It will also help them connect what they are learning in school to real life, and solve everyday problems.


Teacher’s Guide

Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math - A Teacher's Guide front cover

Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math: A Teacher’s Guide (PDF)

This guide is intended to support teachers’ ongoing efforts in building students’ knowledge and skills in mathematics. It focuses attention on the content of expectations in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Mathematics, 2005 that deal with fundamental mathematics concepts and skills.

NEW: Teacher’s Guide Resource Companion

Looking for professional learning resources that dig deeper into the concepts and ideas described in Focusing on the Fundamentals: A Teacher’s Guide? Click on the shaded statements and bullets throughout this companion to find targeted video and text resources.

Training Modules

The purpose of the November/December 2018 Focusing on the Fundamentals training sessions is to focus on the fundamentals related to the expectations in the Number Sense & Numeration strand, and expectations that relate to number properties in the Patterning and Algebra strand.

The fundamentals serve to ensure that our students:

  • know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide,
  • understand the role of numbers, and
  • know how the operations can help us to solve problems and be successful in this world.



Ministry-Developed Educator Math Resources

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